The Data Protection Act 1998 and the ethical codes of conduct of all healthcare professionals require that medical data be treated with great respect for confidentiality.

Confidential information held at this practice is shared with members of our healthcare team, as necessary, to ensure the best possible provision of care. All members of our healthcare team are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality.

Sometimes it may be necessary to share confidential data with individuals outside our healthcare team in order to provide you with the best possible care. For example, if the doctor refers you to another health care professional it is necessary to divulge confidential information in order to treat you properly. Information is only disclosed to those who also have a strict duty of confidentiality.

Occasionally we are asked to divulge information that is not directly related to your own health care. For example, we are sometimes asked to provide information for the purposes of education, Audit or research or for the purposes of health care administration. It may not always be practical to seek your consent to this on every occasion.

In all cases the person to whom such information is released is bound by a duty of confidentiality. The information disclosed is kept to the minimum necessary for the purpose and is anonymised where possible.

If you wish to register any objection to the sharing of confidential information, as outlined above, or wish for further information or wish to discuss any issues of confidentiality, please contact

Mrs Anisha Dsouza.

Any objection will be respected except where disclosure of information is essential to protect you or someone else from the risk of death or serious harm. Please put any objection in writing to Mrs Anisha D'souza. The Data Protection Act gives you the right to see your notes or have a copy of them.

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